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Dataweek | 22 November 2023

A new partnership between Phahama Systems Development (PSD) and Bosco Printed Circuits (Bosco) aims to enhance their customers’ experience while maintaining the high service and quality that they are known for. The new entity, Phahama Bosco, will offer a spectrum of PCB solutions.

For over 67 years, Bosco has been a leading player in electronics manufacturing. Specialising in locally-manufactured PCBs, it caters to a wide range of clients and provides solutions covering single- and double-sided boards and aluminium base PCBs.

PSD is a 100% black-owned and women-controlled electronic contract manufacturer, specialising in PCB population. With a proven track record, it enjoys an excellent relationship with customers, and past collaborations with Bosco.

Bosco, as a historically family-owned business, has recognised the importance of transformation. The partnership will see Bosco becoming a black-owned and women-controlled electronic supplier, with diverse offerings.

The new relationship will be a marriage of the two entities, focused on mutual skills transfer and growth opportunities for all parties, with the expertise and experience built up over generations seamlessly integrated into the new company.

Phahama Bosco has realised the need for vast technology upgrades and, through this collaboration, aims to enhance and diversify its local manufacturing by adding multilayer PCBs to its repertoire, whilst still delivering excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and flexibility, without compromising on the high quality that its customers have come to rely on.

For more information contact Phahama Bosco, +27 11 452 1413,

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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