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Siyabonga Sithole | 13 January 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC has taken a decision to prioritise the employment of young people and adults aged over 35.

Ramaphosa said the country’s current laws were discriminatory towards adults over 35 as well as as people living with disabilities.

He said it was important for these laws to be amended as these groups felt sidelined by the laws which prioritised those below the age of 35 while having a negative effect on those older.

“We as the ANC must make sure that those over 35 years and older are given opportunities. We must make sure that they have access to jobs and employment opportunities.

“Over the years, the ANC has made efforts to open opportunities of employment. The ANC has also made efforts to ensure that our manifesto reflects this,” he said.

Ramaphosa, who addressed a capacity crowd at Mbombela Stadium, said the country’s youth should benefit from the country’s minerals.

“Our country is blessed with mineral resources and the youth league has been saying to me that they are tired of exporting all our minerals. They told me that we must locally beneficiate our minerals and only export them as finished goods in order to re-industrialise our economy as the current situation does not benefit them. I agree and support the youth league,” he said.

Delivering Sanco’s message of support to the president, chairperson Skhumbuzo Mpanza said red tape was the reason why millions of young people and those over 35 remained excluded from job opportunities.

“These red tapes are stopping South Africa from participating in the economy of their land. We need to ensure our kids are in school and that when they finish school they are given access to jobs. It is important for us to campaign for the ANC in order to ensure South Africans benefit from the economy,” he said.

Ramaphosa said people living with disabilities were also excluded from jobs and urged government departments to open their doors to them.

“We must open employment opportunities also to people living with disabilities because they too deserve to work and earn a living. They tell me that they are unemployed and they do not enjoy the same opportunities as everyone. We must include them and not relegate them to the back,” he said. | Sunday Independent

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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