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An organisation may not claim the salary for an employee Bursar as part of its Bursary Programme. However, as per of the Skills Development Scorecard & clause 5.5 of Statement 300 of the Amended General B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, an organisation may claim a stipend for an unemployed Bursar. refers: “Skills Development Expenditure on bursaries for ‘Black’ Students at Higher Education Institutions”.

Based on prior behaviour, this principle results in organisations giving preference to unemployed Bursaries through which they can claim a higher overall cost.

Members need to consider the return on investment as well as the B-BBEE points when developing their Bursary strategy and assess where Bursaries may fall into their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and their Training Plan before being driven blindly by the B-BBEE points in isolation.

Skills Development Services are available to guide members on the implementation of sustainable Bursary Initiatives.

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