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From time to time, SANAS publishes a list of B-BBEE Rating Agencies that no longer have SANAS accreditation due to it being withdrawn voluntary or involuntary, or due to its expiry.

The core aim of publishing the list is to assist those receiving B-BBEE Certificates in identifying invalid credentials.

This list will further assist B-BBEE Rating Agencies when verifying the element of Enterprise and Supplier Development. It is vital to take note of the date of withdrawal or expiry as a B-BBEE Certificate will remain valid for 12 Months if issued before the date that a B-BBEE Rating Agency lost its accreditation.

B-BBEE Certificates issued by SANAS Accredited B-BBEE Rating Agencies must contain the unique SANAS Accreditation Symbol to ensure that the B-BBEE Certificate is valid.

Members are welcome to contact the Certificate Collection Service Desk to confirm the credibility of a supplier’s B-BBEE Credentials.


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