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Selecting the correct Skills Development service provider, in most cases, is the difference between the success or failure of a Skills Development Strategy. Therefore, due diligence before contracting a Skills Development service provider is essential and would include establishing the following:


o   How long have they been in business?

o   Did they previously trade under another company name?

o   What are the geographical areas in which they operate?

o   Do they have references that support a solid track record?

o   What is the average drop-out rate of Learners?

o   Do they rely on third-party intervention?

o   Are the Learners’ salaries or wages in line with the national minimum wage requirements?

o   Can they furnish evidence that they are an accredited Skills Development service provider?

o   Do they adhere to the standards of the body of their accreditation?

o   Can they provide a financial viability report from their auditors?

o   Do they agree to a site visit to confirm that the facilities will adequately accommodate Learners from both an infrastructural and geographical perspective?

o   Can they confirm that they have the in-house capacity to meet the contract requirements?

o   Do they have a good relationship with the primary SETA aligned with the sector an organisation represents?


Skills Development Services are available to assist members in selecting a Skills Development service provider.


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