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Bizcommunity | 17 October 2023

TFG (The Foschini Group) has launched the first collection from its innovative Sustainable Design Incubator programme aimed at fostering sustainable fashion practices and supporting young emerging designers. The programme provides a platform for emerging talents to showcase their creativity while making a positive impact on the environment.

“With TFG’s commitment to job creation and the development of the South African design and manufacturing industry, our Sustainable Design Incubator provides an important platform to grow skills and provide experience for young designers. TFG aims to empower talented South African designers by offering unrivalled access to the market and networking opportunities, which are vital for building successful and thriving fashion businesses,” said TFG CEO, Anthony Thunström.

The emerging designers were selected through a rigorous process, with TFG collaborating with established institutions like the Cape Town Fashion Council, SA Fashion Week, and All Fashion Sourcing. This ensures that the programme enrols exceptional talent with the potential to excel in the fashion industry.

The TFG Sustainable Design Incubator provides a six-month incubation period for the designers, fostering their growth and honing their skills from some of TFG’s best talent.

The incubator challenges these designers to prioritise the use of zero-waste design techniques and more sustainable fabrics in creating commercial garments. During their mentorship period, they undergo comprehensive training sessions conducted by designers and entrepreneurs, focusing on topics such as marketing, a sustainable approach to fashion, waste reduction through zero-waste practices, and commercial skills.

Additionally, each designer gets access to TFG’s design and manufacturing facilities to produce their collections and receives sponsored equipment.

Leveraging TFG’s ecosystem, the selected designers’ ranges have launched on Bash. The market access opportunity provided through Bash is designed to leverage TFG’s more than 30 million customers through the local fashion and lifestyle shopping app.

A further highlight is some of the designers getting the coveted opportunity to showcase their designs at the renowned SA Fashion Week.

“The Sustainable Design Incubator stands as a testament to TFG's commitment to fostering sustainability and diversity in the fashion industry. By empowering emerging designers, TFG is actively contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future for fashion,” concluded Thunström.

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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