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Often an unemployed learner shows incredible potential. Hence, organisations want to recruit them before the end of their 12-month learnership. However, will employing a previously unemployed learner before the 12 months allow an organisation to claim Absorption? What does Statement 300 say?


Point Indicator 2.1.3 of the Skills Development scorecard under Statement 300 of the Amended General B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice states:


"2.1.3 Number of black people absorbed by the Measured Entity and Industry Entity at the End of the Internship, Learnership and Apprenticeship programme under paragraph"


Therefore, Absorption can only take place at the end of a Learnership, Apprenticeship or internship.


As per Schedule 1, the definition of Absorption is as follows:


"… a measure of the Measured Entity's ability to successfully secure a long-term contract of employment for the Employee, Learner, Intern or Apprentice”.


The concept of a long-term contract of employment under Schedule 1 has the following definition:


"…  a legal agreement between an individual and an entity that this individual would work for until his or her mandatory retirement date."


Kindly note that the requirements for Absorption may differ under specific B-BBEE Sector Codes of Good Practice.


Skills Development Services are on hand to assist members claiming Absorption under Skills Development. 


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