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The BEE Chamber was established to provide the support necessary to ensure that BEE Practitioners perform effectively with confidence as subject matter experts.


Associate Membership have access to daily BEE News on the Web and Mobi sites as well as the ability to attend BEE Chamber events that will enable more informed Practitioners.

Professional Members pay a monthly membership fee to access the support services that will enable a higher level of performance.

Members form a network of connected people who are challenged with knowing, designing and implementing organisational transformation and managing their company's BEE score;


  • Transformation Manager,

  • BEE Manager,

  • HR Manager,

  • HR Business Partners,

  • Procurement Manager,

  • Procurement Business Partners



Access support services designed to enable a higher level of BEE Management in business.

BEE Chamber membership is open to BEE Champions/Managers, Transformation Managers, Human Resources Practitioners and Procurement Practitioners.

You will become more effective, efficient and confident with the support you can access through your membership to the BEE Chamber.

Enjoy the benefits of a monthly BEE Progress Review Session with one of the BEE Chamber's experts.

BEE Chamber members discuss the progress that they are making on their organisational transformation and the BEE score management of their company.

In these monthly sessions members identify areas for improvement and engage on change management concepts and related risk management essentials. 

Access quarterly reports on your top customer and competitor B-BBEE credentials.

BEE Chamber members benefit from a quarterly report which details the BEE credentials of their top customers and competitors.

These reports allow members to remain aware of the reasons for the pressure being applied by their company customers and to advise leadership and management on how to respond effectively.

Access the Bursary Management Office to make your life easier and ensure your Bursaries are managed professionally.

BEE Chamber Members have access to a database of Students and a Professional Bursary Management office which handles all documentation, tracking and reporting on their progress.

Access a network of Black Private Equity, Family Office, Individual, Trust, Broad-based Ownership Schemes, Co-operative Investors for your Equity Ownership Transaction.

BEE Chamber Members have access to a database of potential Black Investors through the Equity Exchange.

Access an online Verification Audit Quotation System.

BEE Chamber members can input basic information about their company and then secure quotes from BEE Verification Agencies for their next audit.

Benefit from the most effective method to secure and assess quotes and in so ensure you recommend the best value from your selected Verification Agency.

BEE Chamber members have access to expert guidance from BEE Chamber experts as and when needed, such as Monthly BEE Progress Session wherein they discuss the progress they are making with their organisational transformation and BEE Score Management and identify areas for improvement.


BEE Chamber members are sent quarterly customer and competitor research reports which show the BEE data for their top customers and competitors allowing for improved risk visibility and management for their businesses.​​

Access up-to-date Videos on all elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard.


BEE Chamber Videos cover the full range of BEE Information you are required to know as your company's BEE Subject Matter Expert.


From BEE Code basics through to advanced implementation content, BEE Chamber Videos are a must-have resource to ensure any BEE Practitioner is equipped with the required knowledge.   

Access the latest BEE News and ensure you are fully informed on all BEE related activity in South Africa.

BEE Chamber members are sent notifications of any BEE News on a daily basis and can then link into the BEE Chambers website to read the articles. 

BEE Forum

BEE Chamber members share knowledge and experience with each other on-line to ensure all successful actions and learnings are shared effectively.

Make sure you learn from other BEE Practitioner's experience or simply ask questions for peer advice and input on aspects of BEE implementation you are faced with.

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