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Current and Previous Members

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Purple City

The home of BEE Practitioners.

Broaden your capacity to deliver on your B-BBEE mandate in real-time.

The BEE Chamber provides the visibility to understand

why B-BBEE exists and what the various drivers are.

As an Upgraded Member you access the support, guidance and advice through a portfolio of channels and tools. 

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Subject Webinars  •

Monthly TFM Webinar •

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What Members say about Us

The BEE Chamber is dedicated to excellence, it is worth to be their member.

- Octavia Makhaphela I Transformation Specialist | Group Strategy | Hollard South Africa

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Why is the BEE Chamber Important?

Historically, businesses depended on input from consultants & B-BBEE Verification Agencies. Due to the

high risk of Fronting penalties, businesses can no longer rely on consultants & verification agencies only. Businesses are responsible and accountable for their B-BBEE claims and as such require to have and build internal expertise to safeguard themselves against a Fronting risk.


Building internal skills has become essential for all businesses and having access to the

most advanced team of B-BBEE experts is now essential. 

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Why the BEE Chamber

Who Should Join The BEE Chamber?

The BEE Chambers assists individuals on their path in becoming a B-BBEE Practitioner. We attract those responsible for a company's B-BBEE Scorecard, in need to strategically plan, manage and audit the company's B-BBEE claims. 

Membership Benefits

The BEE Chamber employs in excess of 50 staff to offer our members access to the most advanced B-BBEE information, guidance, support, services and software. These will allow you to confidently manage your B-BBEE targets and level each year.

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Who Should Use Us
Member Benefits
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Membership Option


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Associate Membership (Free)

Associate Membership is free and provides members with access to basic information through weekly newsletters, monthly webinars and quarterly summits.

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Practitioner Member

Practitioner Membership provides you with unlimited access to our leading team of experts who will support you on B-BBEE legislation and interpretation compliance issues. Some highly valued membership benefits include weekly webinars, scorecard software, compliance forum and a library of templates.  

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Practitioner Plus Member

In addition to the Practitioner benefits, the Plus membership offers you access to a dedicated team who will upload your data onto the BEE Smart system, and collect BEE certificates on your behalf.

The team will address your unique challenges and will propose solutions during your quarterly reviews in preparation for your

B-BBEE audit.

The most comprehensive Support

Platform for BEE Practitioners

'In a time of unprecedented uncertainty around B-BBEE legislation and Fronting Practice risk, the BEE Chamber offers the BEE Practitioners access to the essential information, guidance, support, services and software needed to successfully set B-BBEE targets, implement related strategies and claim the necessary Points on a B-BBEE Scorecard

while managing Fronting risks.’

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What Members say about Us

I have gained a lot of useful information from the Weekly and Monthly Webinars. This helps me to share valuable information to our Pillar Owners.

- Octavia Makhaphela I Transformation Specialist I Group Strategy I

Hollard South Africa

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