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The BEE Chamber has a team of Senior Specialists who are experts in each of the specific elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard

Our Specialists will assist you to address the unique challenges and gaps, resulting in optimum ROI and B-BBEE score outcome.



We assist BEE Practitioners to move from a reactive to a strategic mindset 

With increased regulatory B-BBEE complexity, and widening gap between external demands and internal capabilities, a standard reactive approach to B-BBEE is not a sustainable approach. In an environment where regulations get tougher, budgets tighter and growing expectations on the abilities of the BEE Practitioners.

A shift from reactive to strategic is key to success in this environment.

The BEE Chamber has all needed services required to facilitate this shift.

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The Score Assessment provides you with a baseline score of your performance at a point in time in your financial year. This visibility is critical for planning the way forward in terms of budget and effort required. A baseline score is needed when developing a strategy on the overall scorecard or on a selected element.

Benefit: Being clear about your baseline score and understanding the Rand per point relationship.


Score Assessment

High level visibility of your current B-BBEE position per element

Assess your performance and calculate a baseline score as your guide on your way forward. 

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The Strategy Development products aim to design a road-map to the Clients desired BEE Score. Considering limitations (costs, time and effort), identifying areas of improvement and considering risks for each B-BBEE Element. The outcome of the strategies is to provide a short to medium term plan with various scenarios for the client to consider.

Benefits: A clear road map of initiatives to implement, aiming to secure and improve your score per element.


Strategy Development 

Developing a road-map to achieve your set B-BBEE goals

Take the guessing out and pro-actively plan the path to achieve your desired B-BBEE Level.

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Score Progress Monitoring commences typically early in the financial year. It tracks performance and provides you with an early warning on potential risks, loss of points and opportunities to enhance the scores. This product is specifically designed for pro-active management of your B-BBEE implementation. The final outcome will be a fully prepared evidence portfolio based on Verification Agency samples. 

Benefits: Confidence to know the B-BBEE performance throughout the year and keeping  you focused on the right priorities. 


Score Monitoring

The secret of your success lies in continuous visibility 

Create a navigation system that assist you to regularly assess your B-BBEE performance. With our structured approach and comprehensive reports you will be able to confidently steer through the year.

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Verification Readiness validates and improves the quality of your evidence prior to the audit. A detailed report provides you with your potential score per element and the anticipated B-BBEE Level that is used to compare the verification outcomes. During the audit you have access to a B-BBEE expert to assist you with any queries and suggests solutions and resolutions.

Benefit: Have clear visibility on interpretations and be confident, prepared and supported in your verification.   


Verification Readiness

Confidence to achieve your desired B-BBEE Level

Detailed preparation and support by reviewing your data and evidence. We assist in identifying risks and opportunities, and support you in motivating your posution during verification queries.

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The BEE Academy offers 3 different types of training; facilitated Online courses, facilitated in-house training and e-learning courses. The courses are developed to accommodate different level of knowledge and skills, covering B-BBEE fundamentals, intermediate and advanced courses. B-BBEE Information Sessions delivered by specialists are available to Boards, Executives and BEE Practitioners.  

Benefit: Growing your knowledge and understanding on how to apply the B-BBEE rules and regulations to the business.



Developing your B-BBEE knowledge and expertise on various levels

Match your training needs with selecting the: - Most suitable training platform - Most suitable course level .

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We bring deep expertise, but we are known for our

holistic approach. We create value across all elements.

We are committed to creating Change that Matters. Working with our team of experts, you have access to the collective knowledge and experience of the entire BEE Chamber providing best practices, relevant research and industry resources.




15 Years of experience in B-BBEE Ownership structure assessment and design

Ownership is one of the most debated  elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard.

The risks related to Ownership are manifold for all parties concern.

As such it is vital to understand all options at disposal, the pros and cons, and the risk that lies in current Ownership structures and the Fronting Risks associated with these. The BEE Chamber is proud to have the leading team of experts in this field. 


For companies who have a current qualifying Ownership structure, it may be required to review and to identify possible Fronting Practice risks or enhancements to either manage risk, increase the claimable points or to respond to competitors having secured a black owned status. 

Benefit:  Clarity on potential options to improve Ownership points


Ownership Assessment

Review current Ownership structure and plan for improvements 

Explore potential options to enhance your current Ownership structure with our team of experts who will provide you with a comprehensive analysis. 

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Ownership transactions require input from four professional advisors including B-BBEE compliance, legal, taxation and accounting.  Our expert team cover the B-BBEE compliance element whereby we design the most appropriate structure and manage the implementation process including securing internal approval for the transaction.

Benefit:  Assurance of the selection of the most appropriate transaction structure.


Ownership Transaction Design

Designing, planning and implementing an ownership transaction

An expert team of Ownership specialists with up-to-date knowledge of the latest interpretations and a good relationship with the DTIC is available for members wanting to initiate a new or replacement transaction. 

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The BEE Chamber provides a unique blend of Management Control consulting, and training

Frequent monitoring is necessary for early detection of variations from target.

This allows a business to respond rapidly. Using this approach, we can help you

to design and implement systems that will allow timely reporting so that necessary decisions can be made and actions taken.


Our Human Capital Transformation Programme assist you to position the Management Control element as abenchmark to measure your transformation performance. Our Programme applies change management principles which enhance successful transformation outcomes. We outline your transformation objectives, strategies, policies, training needs and KPI’s linked to all HR processes (e.g. recruitment, succession planning, attraction and retention of staff). 

Benefit:  A road-map to guide and govern stakeholders on Human Capital Transformation.


Human Capital Transformation Programme

Stakeholder alignment drives your transformation success

Get buy-in from all your stakeholders to implement transformation. Our comprehensive approach will motivate, enable, and steer stakeholders towards common transformation objectives.

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The upcoming requirement of an “EE Certificate of Compliance” to tender for government contracts adds additional pressure to non-compliant companies. Your EE Committee, EE Plan and EE Reporting are vital in meeting the legislative compliance.  We establish a competent and result-driven EE Committee and assist HR and the EE Committee with the development of a structured and practical approach to EE Planning and EE Reporting. 

Benefit:  Achieve your legislative compliance and subsequently your MC scores.


Employment Equity

Compliance reduces risk and improves your competitive edge

Navigating through all the statutory requirements is becoming non-negotiable to retain or secure new business as well as to avoid heavy fines. Our services ensure that you meet all the statutory requirements and enhance your competitive edge.

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A first step to equality?

Fundamentally enable beneficiaries the development of critical skills for their careers!

The investment into employees will have an immediate, meaningful effect.

Make racial equity a core focus to your businesses, not just part of corporate

social responsibility programs.

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If you wish to participate in “Mandatory and Discretionary Grants”, as well as score points on the B-BBEE Skills Development Scorecard, you are required to annually submit a WSP/ATR & PIVOTAL Report to your relevant SETA. Our services ensures that the SETA requirements are met, while a comprehensive strategy guides practical implementation. Our Skills Development strategies incorporate the overarching Vision and Objectives, Talent Pipeline requirements, Succession Planning, Change Management, as well as Employment Equity and B-BBEE Skills Development objectives. 

Benefit:  Full control over your Skills Development initiatives and investment.


Skills Development

A Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) cannot guide Skills Development

A comprehensive Skills Development strategy is much more than a summary of the number of planned courses and beneficiaries. It must incorporate many aspects which ultimately translates into an optimised Return on Investment on the implemented Skills Development initiatives.

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This service will assist you with structuring the bursary programme in line with EAP headcount and spend targets.   We source bursars nationally and select institutions that offers courses in line with your business and industry requirements. All administration, bursary related payments and evidence preparation are managed on your behalf. 

Benefit: Saving you time and effort in managing the bursary programme and removing technical uncertainties.


Bursary Management

A fully outsourced Bursary Management Service

Access a dedicated bursary service team to manage all aspects of your bursary needs. Our bursary service team has a proven track record of successful programme delivery when fast turnaround time and quality is critical.

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Opportunity to customise your learning programmes to meet your workplace needs including the management of absorption targets. Key features include quick turn-around time and access to a large database of learners and service providers. Regular reporting will keep you in control of status and progress.

We will guide you on how to access your tax rebates to maximise on your training investment. 

Benefit: Matching the best suitable service provider to your training needs.   


Learnership Management

Customised learning programmes to meet specific workplace needs

We assist you with selecting a suitable service provider and host company for learnerships, internships and apprenticeships. We provide a due diligence assessment on training providers to ensure quality and continuity of their services.

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Many of the Supply-Chain solutions are

so concentrated, it makes solutions more focused, tangible, and targeted

Rethinking the supply-chain spend and plan shifting purchases to B-BBEE compliant

businesses with a strong focus on supporting small to medium size black-owned businesses, which reversely supports job creation. Preferential Procurement can have a fast and lasting impact in helping Black businesses grow, so they can create more jobs in the communities that they support.

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Our Supply Chain Management Programme involves analyzing your suppliers to identify the risk and ranking them based on the leverage they have on your business. We analyse the spending patterns towards suppliers and assess opportunities to include diverse suppliers in your value chain. We develop supporting strategies to mitigate identified risks and enhance opportunities.

Benefit:  We transform the supply chain by providing maximum BEE benefit to your scorecard


Supply Chain Management Programme

Making your Preferential Procurement spend count

A thorough understanding of your procurement spend is needed to ensure that every Rand counts and risks to your Preferential Procurement scores are managed. 

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The review of your import spend will result in an assessment and viability study for localization for imports on a product level. The review will confirm the B-BBEE import category for each imported item. The viability study will determine which Category 2 imported products and services could be localized based on commercial drivers and resource availability. Once approved, the Enterprise and Supplier Development plan for imported good will be drafted and made available for implementation by the company. 

Benefit: Qualifying for exclusions from TMPS of identified imports and improvement of the Procurement score. 


Import Substitution Plan

Optimising on the exclusion options

Review and assessment of your import spend and sourcing alternative possible Enterprise and Supplier Development Beneficiaries. We assist to draft a developmental and Import-substitution plan.

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We design, build and implement Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions.

Strategic Enterprise and Supplier Development is the alignment of business development processes with your business strategic business goals.

The role of strategic Enterprise and Supplier Development is to

develop ideal suppliers for your priority services and products.

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Our Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme includes the identification and assessment of possible Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiaries, analyzing their needs and drafting development plans. To select and integrate targeted beneficiaries, there needs to be market opportunity for access or growth. We will support you with the implementation and project management of the plans, reviewing of contracts for risk and compliance, and provide controls for B-BBEE claims. 

Benefit: Sustainable managed ESD programmes with maximised benefit. 


Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme

Optimize the impact and ROI on Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes

Successful Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes originate from a thorough understanding of your supply-chain. By matching your supply needs with the resources and skills set of a beneficiary, you can optimise impact and ROI for both your business and the beneficiary.

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YES (Youth Employment Service)


The YES initiative is one of the most

impactful intervention in our country

Youth Development is essential to helping the youth of South Africa succeed in life. The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a joint national initiative between business, government and labour that aims to address the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa by providing 12-month work experiences to unemployed, black youth.

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Our YES Service is equiped with skilled YES project managers that can help you manage your YES Programme with ease. Speak with our YES ServiceOfficers today, and we will help you calculate your YES targets. 

Benefit: Get the opportunity to identify talented YES youth for the 12-month quality work experience and grant them absorption at the end of the 12 months.


Youth Employment Service (YES)

Full house YES Programme Facilitation

Apply the YES Initiative in your business and benefit by enhancing your B-BBEE scorecard with between 1 or 2 levels up. 

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