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 Weekly TFM technical Newsletter 

Communique has issued more than 180 quick-read articles over the past 18 months. It is a practical tool that supports you by providing insight into interpretations and current B-BBEE affairs. 

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Monthly TFM Webinar

unpacks, and provides the rationale behind, the topics covered in the Weekly TFM technical consulting Newsletter distributed in the previous month’s communiques.

Associate Membership is for the bbbee Practitioner that is fully experienced and just requires the latest B-BBEE legislation, interpretations, and thought leadership information.

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 Subject Webinars

are hosted every week on different B-BBEE relevant topics. We cover all aspects of the scorecard in these 1h high level session. As an Associate member you enjoy access to 8 webinars each month. 

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Quarterly TFM Summit

is a platform that provides the opportunity for the authors and thought leaders to provide the rationale behind and insight into the articles featuring in the latest TFM Magazine issue.  It is an interactive platform with an open floor discussion between the hosts and delegates. 

As an Associate Member you can access to the following features:

ASSOCIATE Membership (Free) 

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ASSOCIATE Member Sign Up


We are looking forward to start a relationship with you!

The home of BEE Practitioners Broaden your capacity to deliver on your B-BBEE mandate in real-time. 

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