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Focused on delivering sustainable, transformative
Skills Development strategies for B-BBEE compliance.

Introducing the BEE Chamber Skills Development Services, a strategic partner for your Skills Development strategy, aiming to bridge the skills gap and foster B-BBEE compliance. We offer a range of services, including Bursary and Learnership Programme Management, WSP/ATR/PIVOTAL Report Submission Assistance, and Human Capital Transformation Strategy. Let us help you create a Skills Development Strategy that aligns with your vision and objectives, while strategically integrating employee development and succession plans into your Skills Development strategy.


We provide sustainable, well-considered skills development strategies tailored to meet your Skills Development targets, ensuring B-BBEE verification and support for your long-term business objectives.

Often, compliance serves as the sole rationale behind an organization's Skills Development strategy. Optimising B-BBEE points appears to be the main and onlyshort-term focus. However, those organisations that move from compliance and adopt a proactive, transformative approach begin the process by acknowledging the essential skills that will effectively deliver the vision and objectives of the business. Part and parcel of a transformative Skills Development approach are applying the national Economically Active Population (EAP) lens that formally impacts employee movement, employment and succession plan.

The BEE Chamber Skills Development Services play a critical role in supporting you in moving away from solely chasing points on the scorecard. The Skills Development Team’s strategic model aligns your organisation’s vision and objectives whilst incorporating Skills Development employee development plans and succession plans without losing sight of Employment Equity, to deliver a transformative Skills Development mandate. We ensure your organisation has the necessary skills on hand at the right time, supporting a proactive approach to Skills Development.

We challenge the business by constantly scanning each programme by asking “How do the current and or planed initiatives, under the Skills Development banner, support the objectives and future strategic plans of the business”? Developing a method of thinking and analysing that has a focal point on the desired outcome.

With expertise in conducting skills gap analysis, our Skills Development Team has implemented effective skills interventions in numerous sectors, such as ICT, construction, marketing and communications, financial and business services, wholesale and retail, pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing, textiles, mining and tourism.

The Skills Development Services model considers various elements that at times need focused attention or a comprehensive approach that holistically combines and uses the building blocks of the Skills Development Scorecard below (General B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice), to create a framework that incorporate your organisation’s unique needs:

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  • Develop a robust 1 to 5-year Skills Development Strategy for B-BBEE compliance:
    Development of a Skills Development Strategy aligned to all other aspects of a comprehensive Transformation Strategy and which delivers the best Return on Investment (ROI) through a review of current and historical data and the identification of alternative approaches to maximise the B-BBEE Score and to create a sufficient pipeline of talent.

  • WSP/ ATR/ PIVOTAL Report Submission assistance:
    The BEE Chamber can assist with the Annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) / Annual Training Report (ATR) / PIVOTAL Report submission to the relevant SETA. Ensuring you do notn’t miss the deadline. securing future points under Skills Development by meeting one of the pre-requisites for claiming Skills Development points.

  • Human Capital Transformation (HCT) strategy:
    We have developed a unique HCT framework that takes a compliance and transformative approach to address the aspects issue holistically. Our framework identifies stakeholders and roles, provides a knowledge base, and expands to become a tailor-made solution for your organisation's needs. Let us help you navigate the complexities of HCT and make meaningful transformation a reality. 

Why choose our Skills Development Service?

Our team at BEE Chamber is dedicated to providing sustainable, well-considered Skills Development strategies that ensure B-BBEE compliance and support your long-term business objectives. With a proactive approach to Skills Development, we move beyond simple compliance, focusing on transformative Skills Development that drives Human Capital Transformation. Our strategic model aligns your organisation's vision with skills gap analysis, succession plans, and employee development to deliver a transformative Skills Development mandate. Our services have been effectively applied across various sectors, underlining our versatility and industry know-how. With our Skills Development Service, your organisation is set to have the right skills at the right time, supporting a sustainable and proactive approach to Skills Development.


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Transform your approach to skills development and secure B-BBEE compliance with our sustainable solutions for Skills Development. Our strategic model aligns with your organization's vision and objectives, ensuring the right skills at the right time. Let us help you achieve your long-term business objectives.

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