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ABC Traders decides to use a third-party facilitator to distribute Enterprise Development funds to Beneficiaries.

The money to the third-party facilitator was transferred two weeks before its financial year ended in February 2021. However, the third-party facilitator only transferred the funds to the end Beneficiaries at the end of March 2021.

Q | When using the services of a third-party facilitator, when is Enterprise Development spend considered a claim? Is it when the third-party facilitator receives the funds or when the end Beneficiary receives the funds?

A | An Enterprise Development contribution is only considered spend when it reaches the end Beneficiary. Therefore, in this instance, where the third-party facilitator distributed the funds outside the Measurement Period, ABC Traders may only claim the amount paid out in March 2021 in the next Measurement Period.

Enterprise & Supplier Development Services has a model that ensures that Enterprise Development contributions are claimable in the intended Measurement Period.

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