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B-BBEE Management Software


Looking for a comprehensive B-BBEE management Software solution?
Look No Further.

We have developed a full house package. We do not just provide Software we supply guidance and advice to ensure Score Success. BEESmart is included in the Practitioner and Practitioner PLUS membership.



Explore the unlimited access to the Services and Tools 

Score Calculator

Data in - Score out   
Instant score calculation   


Feature: Calculate a score based on data entered in either detailed or summary form.

Benefit: Allows you to quickly compile a scorecard even if all the detailed data is not available.


Evidence Management

No paper no score

Check the quality of the evidence and upload


Feature: Evidence can be uploaded and there are checklists for each piece of evidence requested.

Benefit: All evidence required for verification can be stored and checked Online.

Intelligent Input Sheet

Clean data in - clean score

Trust your score by managing the input


Feature: The input sheets will highlight the problems with the data entered e.g. typos, miss- naming etc.

Benefit: Allows you to fix all the issues before uploading data into the system. No more “garbage in garbage out."


Daily Training Sessions

A system is only as good as the people using it


Feature: Zoom training sessions are run on a daily basis, covering a different scorecard element each day

Benefit:  No need to schedule training sessions, you just pitch up. Miss one and you catch the next one.

Secured and Encrypted

All about data safety

Compliant with all security measures.


Feature: All data is secure, being stored and transferred in an encrypted form.

Benefit: You have peace of mind that your data is safe and you remain POPI compliant.


Gap Analysis

Seeing the gap is your advantage.

Set goals and targets and see progress


Feature: Shows the deficit between your achievement and the scorecard targets or where you are compared to your own goals.

Benefit: Allows you to see what needs to still be done.

Access tools to monitor the development and health of your B-BBEE performance in just a few clicks.

Analyze individual element performance, track how specific targets are met and more.

BEE Overall Scorecard

Scenario Planning by Element

User Management and Audit Trail

Database of Supplier Certificates

Context Specific Evidence Management

Evidence progress report

YES Program Integration

BEESmart Features:

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We have designed BEESmart with the
end user in mind.

Achieve control and oversight over your B-BBEE score with easy to use BEESmart, the score management tool of choice.

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What Members say about Us

I have gained a lot of useful information from the Weekly and Monthly Webinars. This helps me to share valuable information to our Pillar Owners.

- Octavia Makhaphela  I  Transformation Specialist  I  Group Strategy  I  Hollard South Africa



We are looking forward to start a relationship with you!

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